June 11, 1999

After a VERY long time, I have finally got off my tookiss and updated the page. Unfortunately, that means the temporary demise of The Infinity Project, the name of the Netbook. Yes, there were enough votes in that one to basically say that it had won hands down. Personally, I liked it too, so that had a big factor in it as well. There may be a few more changes on this page as time goes on, probably a few graphics added, some backgrounds and nice clickie buttons, but for now, it's just simple. Also, my email has been updated on the pages, which was something I really should have done a while back. *smacks himself*

Mar. 6, 1999

Another version of CAGU is out. This one has the optional rules for character generation as options, and a new method of dealing with characters over level 1. Be sure to read the ReadMe file included with it to understand the changes.

Feb. 21, 1999

The next version of CAGU has been released, finally with ship building! Unfortuantely, due to a lack of response regarding certain portions of the rules, it may not be 100% correct. I won't say who is to blame, don't want to poor fellow more swamped than he already is. But I would at least like some response :P

Feb. 15, 1999

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Alternate Conspiracies page. This page is dedicated to theories about the various conspiracies and strange events in the Alternity world, be they in the Star*Drive universe, or the up-coming Dark Matter setting. If you have a theory, please submit it. If you are leaking the actual solution to a theory on the page, you can always put your name as anonymous, and no one will ever know it is legit.

Jan. 12, 1999

Strangely enough, this page probably isn't what you intended to be here. Well, what you are looking for is still here, it is just on another portion of this page. This page was created as an idea during a lunch break a few months ago, but just now decided to bring itself into the light. It will contain both CAGU and the eventual Alternity Netbook. As of yet, the Netbook has no name, but I will keep a running tab of the current voting. So far, it's pretty close, but that's what you get when it's only a few people voting. Eventually, it may be expanded so that anyone coming to the page can cast their vote. But that's not gonna happen just yet. The Netbook info page will also soon have a form to allow you to send in submissions to the netbook. I need to sit down and make up the form yet, so just hold on for that one.

Jan. 6, 1999

It's a new year and a new version. This version finally has robot characters, dice rolling and vehicle generation. It's getting bigger in size (now 4.8 megs uncompressed in FAT) but that's ok. All this is worth it. This version also has a few bugs in it fixed, as well as re-organizes the character generation to ask for level AFTER the character has done their first level skills and such. This also added some size to the program, but it saved me a lot of headaches doing it this way. This version also marks the beginning of the public beta testing. What does this mean? It means that if you want to distribute this version, go ahead. I will be contacting the folks at TSR to see if they can't put a link to it on their downloads page. I am going to push that they mention it in Dragon as well, especially since this is the ONLY Mac program they have for Alternity. It also is the only program with as many features as this one has. It's just a great program, isn't it? :)

Dec. 29, 1998

It's a little late for Christmas, but here is your gift, a little late. What is it? The newest beta preview! This one is pretty damn close to being a full fledged public beta. What does this new one include? More preferences for things either added or yet to come, almost complete character generation (only missing achievements, robots, cybernetics & equipment...and I'm not sure if I want cybernetics or equipment at all) Also, it (and this web page) have gone through a name change. This baby REALLY looks good in my opinion. If it wasn't for the fact that I can't sell it, it would be a commercial quality application. Certainly less crash-prone than any Microsoft product. Now, because this version hasn't been fully crash tested, I am hoping that is what all of you will do. My address (lower in th news) is always ready to hear any problems you have. If you experience a crash, tell me what you did leading up to it. And please, for goodness sake, don't decrease the memory requirements of this program. It requires them, or it crashes big time.

Sept. 23, 1998

Well, the next Beta Preview (called Preview II now) is done. Honest, now it is. This version has the alien artifact generator. The next Beta Preview will probably have the beginnings of a character creator (perhaps as far as just before skills) After that, I may start working on a Starship Builder. I saw the idea, and I liked it, so I'm doing it. After all, this IS going to be the Complete Alternity Generator. Hopefully, the next version will have a better icon too. I'm thinking either A small version of the A in the alternity logo, or a small version of the old symbol with the infinity symbol. Yeah, yeah, I know it looks demonic when you turn it upside down. Deal with it. :P If you have a better idea, PLEASE submit it to me. Also, if you would like to be notified of any updates in the program, or the page, send me and e-mail with the subject "CAG Update List" at nephanor@usa.net. Don't worry about what you say in the message, I just want the title to help filter them.

Sept. 21, 1998

The current version is 1.0 Beta Preview Release. It only has the Star System Generator. The next release will have the Alien Artifact Generator. The final Beta Release will have the Character Generator. After a some time in beta mode (depending on if I receive any bug reports) it will be released as a full version. At that time, I also will be sending it to TSR, in hopes that they will post it on their site. It would also be cool to get it mentioned in Dragon Magazine, like all the others seem to be getting.

Go back I say! Back to the madness!