Well folks, things are getting wild! I know you Windows users are wondering about converting the program, and heck, some of you want to know what the program even looks like. Well, here's some news. Firstly, there WILL be a Windows port. That is in the works as we speak. It will still be a while, and once it is ready to be tested, it will need beta testers, and yes, I know all of you want to test it. It will be a public beta test, don't worry. Secondly, there is a page of screen shots. You can find it here. Or, you can go back to the main page.

Here is the file. It is is Fat format (Hey, until I get a PPC, 68k is gonna be required) If you have problems with the Self-Extracting Archive, tell me. I used Stuffit 5.0, and it's not what you'd call compatible, but it does stuff things a lot smaller.

Current version includes:

System Requirements:

The new download site for CAGU Macintosh