Greetings honored star bretheren, it is I, Nephanor of the Fraal. Alas, the netbook is not in any condition to be released. With only a few sumission, it is not nearly bigh enough to release. However, this page has been put up so that you can submit information, learn about it's current progress, and eventually, vote on it's name. If you want to download CAGU, or read the news, go back to the main page and jump to those pages from there.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, the Netbook has to be put on hold, unless someone else would like to take it over for me. As much as I would love to continue working on it, Real Life™ is making things difficult. If things improve, I might be able to continue working on it, but right now, that is impossible. If you want to help by taking it over for now, email me at and we can talk. :)

What We Have So Far

We only have 22 submissions (10 are my own) and that is not nearly enough, especially considering I had to ask chase down a few of the people who 'submitted' and asked if I could use their stuff. I may even download the alien files from Luke's site and go after the authors of each alien. I am hoping to have at least 5-6 of everything before I release a preliminary copy. Here is atabulation of what I have so far:

New Rules: 3 submissions
Equipment: 4 submissions
PC Races: 2 submissions
Spaceships: 6 submissions
Characters: 5 submissions
Alien Artifacts: 1 submission
Alien Races: NO submissions
Advanced Technology: 1 submission
Character Career: 1 submission

There are also 7 things waiting approval, and 2 things promised to be sent. Still not enough for an initial release. Come on people, let's get submitting!