This page is devoted to conspiracies and theories of what happened in various mysteries in the Star*Drive universe. It came about when I was thinking about various conspiracies, and possibilities of things that may have happened to the Fraal on their original trip to the galactic core. If you want to submit a theory, fill out the form below. Please, only submit serious theories (the Bubba incident for the reason how the Fraal lost their history is NOT acceptable). To return to the Insane Alternity Page, click here.

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Fraal History Loss (Erased by Homeworld)

The Fraal that arrived in the Sol system were sent out by the homeworld for some specific reason (perhaps a punishment) and their knowledge of the homeworld was specifically destroyed. Perhaps these were political prisoners sent to Earth. Perhaps they were just an experiment.

(Theory by Nephanor of Fraal)

Fraal History Loss (Erased by Travellers)

The Fraal that arrived in the Sol system left the homeworld for their own reasons, perhaps there was some kind of internal conflict. The knowledge of the homeworld was destroyed by those travelling in the hopes that no one would be able to return to the homeworld for certain reasons.

(Theory by Nephanor of Fraal)

Fraal History Loss (No chance to get it)

The Fraal, back on the homeworld, were attacked by some force. Very few Fraal were able to escape, and none of them were able to get any portion of their race's history in the mass exodus. This theory, is the initial version of the Fraal-External Conspiracy.

(Theory by Nephanor of Fraal)

Fraal-External Connection Theories

Back on the Fraal homeworld, thousands of years ago, the Fraal homeworld was attacked by the Externals of the Verge, mostly the Klicks. Very few Fraal were able to escape, and those that headed towards Earth had little knowledge of the homeworld and whatever data they had gathered about the externals. On their voyage, which was short because of a nearby wormhole that led to the Verge, a team of Klicks were able to sneak aboard each vessel. Once there, they were able to sabotage the computer systems, forcing all of the data regarding themselves, and the Fraal history, to be lost. Somewhere in that history, there is a key to the origin of the Externals. However, now that these Klicks were on the ship, there was no way for them to leave, and they were forced to hide from the Fraal, who might discover their tampering, and reverse the damage before it took place. At this time in history, the Fraal were just as susceptible to the debilitating affects of the bio-weakening field of the Klicks. However, after being exposed to it for so long during the voyage, and for many Fraal, literally growing up around it, they developed an immunity to it over time. On their way through the Verge, which was one of the areas the original Fraal ships travelled through, the Fraal went into a temporary cryogenics, to simply pass time through the difficult emptiness to the galactic core. When the Fraal went into cryogenics, the Klicks on the ships were able to get off the ships, and make sure the sabotage did what it was supposed to. They left the ships and went to the wormhole, which the Fraal had used to get there. However, knowing that eventually the Fraal might use this and find a way back to their homeworld, they modified it enough so that anyone examining it would mistake it for a black hole and never go near it. The Klicks then used it to transport back to the homeworld, where it was being converted into a massive military base.

A slight modification of the above conspiracy, the Fraal actually created many of the external races. This could easily be used to explain the Fraal resistance to the bio-weakness field, instead of the 'building an immunity' theory. However, the externals rebelled and killed off many of the Fraal, forcing the mass exodus. The externals, after taking over the planet, and 'evicting' the previous occupants, set to work creating more, and other dangerous externals, perhaps with the help of the Gardhyi, who may have been the catalysts of the original rebellion. The Fraal, who obviously don't want anyone to know of the destuctive races they created, may have even destroyed the evidence themselves.

There are many thoughts as to why the Fraal are immune to the bio-weakness field of the Klicks. Some claim that the psionic genetics of the Fraal have something to do with it. If this is true, then the Evrem would also have the immunity. As we have not observed the two species in proximity, we cannot say. However, new evidence, brought forth by the emminent Fraal, Dr. Neerg, states that Klicks seem to regard Fraal as not even being there. In a Klick attack, the Klicks literally pushed the good doctor out of the way to get to the humans and others. This indicates a strong link between at least the Klicks and the Fraal. Although, there may be another explanation. Perhaps the Klicks rely on a sort of psionic radar sense. This psionic radar may interfere with the normal function of most races. However, because the Fraal are naturally psionic, it may literally mask the Fraal from the Klicks. That would mean as far as the Klicks are concerned, the Fraal are just something that is in the way. More will have to be done to test this theory, including using a robot with a psionic inhibitor built in.

There has been talk by many people that the Fraal may actually be spies, working for the same force that is behind the Klicks. They even have the gaul to think that the Klicks were created by the Fraal. They say that the Fraal were sent to Sol as advance scouts, to spy on the defences of humanity, but that the loss of their mission and history let the Fraal act according to their nature. What if perhaps the Fraal were also a created race, sent on that mission. Perhaps they never had a history, but were simply a genetic experiment. By making them peaceful, they would not be seen as an enemy, and their telepathic abilities would allow them to get the information they need right from the minds of those they were sent to spy on. It would also explain the ancient earth mythology that soon after an alien visitation, the Gardhyi would show up. That indicates that they had some vested interest in the Fraal. Perhaps they are the masters of these puppets. Personally, I don't agree with this theory, but it makes more sense that the Fraal are the secret masters of the Klicks.

(Theories by Nephanor of Fraal)

What happened to the Augustine

The Augustine, a ship which was presumably destroyed, was testing out an alien artifact that functioned as a shield generator. The general consensus is that there was a problem and the ship, and quite possibly the artifact, were destroyed. There were only small bits of the ship found, so it is assumed the rest was vaporized. There are other possibilities. Perhaps the artifact had a secondary purpose, like an interdimensional drive, or some kind of space-folding technology. Maybe even a wormhole generator. The only data we have is this: only small portions of the ship were found, the shield was impervious to all attacks when properly powered, a shockwave centered on the last known position of the Augustine happened soon after the artifact was activated. If it was an unknown form of interdimensional or FTL travel, who knows what kind of side effects could have occured. Perhaps only part of the ship could be transported. If the ship was destroyed, there are numerous reasons why. The power converter, while similar to the shield generator, may not have been compatible. Supplying too much power to it may cause it to overload. The shield generator may have been a 'beta' version of an another device. There might be some unknown reaction between the artifact and a mass reactor. There are too many variables. However, since my own disc is more than likely a relative of that original artifact, and since my disc has yet to explode, and it never did for my father either, I tend to believe that the ship was not destroyed.

(Theories by Nephanor of Fraal)

Yet Another Theory About the Fraal

It is possible the the Fraal who arrived in the Sol system left because they did not agree with ideas/actions which were being carried out by the ruling body on their homeworld. To carry along this point, is it also possible that they left because they did not agree with the genetic manipulations that the ruling body were experimenting with to create new, and dangerous species. The Fraal who escaped most likely thought that to fully escape the dangerous homeworld they had left behind it would be necessary to erase all data pertaining to their homeworld.

This theory leads to the possible leaders, of the current external-internal war, as being the Fraal homeworld itself!

(Theory by Trel Coltran)

Mental Abilities Lead to Fraal Departure From Homeworld

It is possible that the Fraal who arrived in Sol were banished from their homeworld because of their mental abilities (ie. telekinetics, telepathy, etc.). This being the case, the Fraal would naturally erase all data pertaining to the Fraal homeworld because they would not want their children to face the sametype of persecution by returning to their homeworld.

(Theory by Trel Coltran)

External Conspiracy

The klicks weren't always the bullies behind the Externals. In fact, their history followed a path similar to humanity's, but it had one dramatic turn that made all the difference. They were relatively peaceful creatures, with an incredible mastery of blacklaser and geothermal technology, and had just recently created fusion power and their own version of the fraal gravity induction drive. Then they made that fateful first contact. Both the fraal and the gardhyi had been at war for aeons, and both discovered the new race at the same time. Thus, the two bickered over who would get them. In the end, the gardhyi won out. (No offense, Nephanor, but who are you gonna side with, a bunch of goggle-eyed telepaths, or creatures that can travel faster than light without a ship and shoot bolts of shadow?)
So it went on, the gardhyi and the klicks combining gravity induction and matter manipulation to create the spacefold drive, the External method of going FTL. They then made first contact with the kroath, who were warriors on the verge of annihilating themselves, (They use modified humans in green suits instead of actual troops because of their low population. See Starrise at Corrivale and Storm at Eldala for more details. Very good books.)the n'sss, techno-freaks who loved to fight, the parasitic teln (StarDrive Campaign Setting pp 186-87) and finally the Expatriate Kiscae, the branch of mechalus who had surrendered to cykosis. Then they met humanity, and the fraal. Desperate for allies, the fraal had sent five colony-ships out to look for potential allies. They found them, all right. The klicks were soon faced with possible allies that they didn't want to kill, as well as old acquaintances that they started having second thoughts about. They are starting to back out of the Externals, and are desperate for help.

(Theory by Liz Grushcow)

Fraal History (the Corrivale Exodus) and future Kroath strikes

The Fraal history - so much as is known of it - suggests a mass exodus. Their city-ships showed signs of hasty and sloppy construction totally alien (pardon the expression) to the fraal psychology, and virtually no artifacts of the Fraal remain that were not created on the ships themselves any civilization with unlimited time would have created ships of much better construction, and furnished them with much more of its culture. But where did the fraal flee from? Given what evidence exists, the answer will strike many as a surprise - the Corrivale system.
Think about it. The Corrivale system is within the range of Fraal city-ships in existence today, especially given the thousands of years that they believe to have been wandering before they arrived in the Sol system. And Hydrocus, the main planet of the Corrivale system, shows signs of being a Class I planet before, mysteriously, tectonics brought vast amounts of sulfur to the surface of the planet, creating an atmosphere of sulfuric acid.
Two questions emerge from this theory, however: Who was behind this attack, and why did the change occur so long ago if the fraal are so comparatively young? The answers may be summed up as follows. First of all, the attacker was beyond a shadow of a doubt the kroath. The species is fully adapted to survive in a sulfuric acid enviironment behold what happens when their battle-suits rupture - they disintegrate into a pool of acid wastes. The kroath are also known to have entered the Corrivale system (perhaps on patrol?) in the past. The bunyips support this theory - as intelligent, perfectly adapted creatures and top carnivores, they are perfect attack dogs (so to speak) and show a degree of bioengineering beyond fraal capability - since, if the fraal were able to create the bunyips, why are they not physically as well as psionically superhuman?
The second question is that the fraal did NOT travel directly towards Sol from Corrivale. They headed on a far different trajectory, travelling at sublight speeds for perhaps millions of years, before three vessels ventured to Sol. These fraal, isolated for unimaginable periods of time, would naturally mythologize and forsake their history and it is these fraal who we know today.
The kroath attacks were not a random one, and the fraal who stayed behind when the three ships were sent to Sol have had eons to mutate. Thus, when all things are accounted for, this theory is quite plausible - there was no fraal civilization that they know of because the fraal who stayed behind are no longer fraal.
The knowledge that the kroath may well have totally altered the surface of Hydrocus, combined with the fact that the kroath apparently engineered the bunyips of Hydrocus and have the ability to travel at faster-than-light speeds, leaves me fearful of what has yet to come. If this theory is indeed true, the Concord has a new and unimaginably horrifying enemy to face...

(Theory by Prof. Gaanden, University of Diamond Point, Grith)

Klick Presence in Hammer's Star

The Klick attack on Hammer's Star was not a random one. As we know fully well, Hammer's Star is the edge of the Verge. Our knowledge of the space outside of it is virtually nil, except that it goes towards the Lightning Nebula.
Therein lies the reason for the Klick attack on the Silver Bell colony: the Klicks (and perhaps whoever the Klicks serve) don't want us to go any further in that direction. Hammer's Star, if left untouched by the Externals, would eventually be a jumping-off point to somewhere beyond it - somewhere the Klicks badly want us to stay out of. Acting on this information, they thus went on to destroy Silver Bell colony on May 3, 2489.
One question does spring up, however: WHAT is it the Klicks don't want us to find out about beyond Hammer's Star?

(Theory by K'salath G'sav)

Ancient Earth Descendants behind External Threat

Behind the External Threat is a second human empire. 60000 years BC humans ruled this part of the galaxy. One day they discovered on the third planet of an unknown sun humanoids very much like themselves but just at the beginning of their progress. A science station was set up at the moon of that planet and the progress was watched interested. Then some kind of a big war erupted, the humans were forced to leave this part of the galaxy and withdrew to the other side or another galaxy like Andromeda. The scientists were shut off from the empire in that turmoil and later forgotten. They moved to the planet and lived there first as gods. Later their offspring eradicated the former native population with the help of their advanced techniques and weapons and they were the sole possessors of that planet. But generations after that they started to loose the that knowledge and they degenerated. It took them nearly 50000 years to regain the stars... So the original earth humans were the homo neanderthalensis, the homo sapiens sapiens came to earth from another planet. The former human empire returns now to the galaxy to reclaim their planets and they use the various externals to that end.

(Theory by Dr. Jason Lyon-De Isle)

The Precursors

The Fraal are a race of refugees. They are the descedants of those who escaped a great cultural catastrophe. Ruins and such that explorers now say belong to a precursor race are, in some cases, ancient fraal ruins. This possibility is being covered up because the technology in theseplaces is phenomenal. It is also dangerous since the ruins repressent the last stage of fraal development... when they finally took steps that resulted in their destroying themselves... except for the few who managed to escape and come to Earth. The ancient fraal had found a way to transfer the consciousness of a sentient into computers and had come to the conclusion that they had found a way to control their own evolution. Those who transferred ended up warring with those who did not. The transfers won but, centuries later, discovered their own limitations and could not overcome them: they had lost the will to accomplish all the great things they intended to. Slowly but surely... they all died out... (or did they?)

(Anonymous submission)

Why the Gardhyi want the Rhodium Supply Stable

As we all know, necessity is the mother of invention. Every time in our histories that we have required a technology, soon aftwerwards, we have developed it. Now, if the flow of Rhodium were to have stopped with the recent problems on Lison, we might have been forced to look for another method of faster than light travel, perhaps one that is much faster than the one we already have, or one that isn't as easily detected. This would put a serious strain on the externals, as they would no longer have the advantage of knowing where and when our ships make starrise. It would also make us much more difficult to keep tabs on.

(Theory by Nephanor of Fraal)

Fraal History (Fleeing the External menace)

Imagine for a moment that the fraal homeworld was about to fall under attack by unidentified external alien forces. The fraal could foresee it clearly, and knew precognitavely that they could not defeat this foe. The wanderers believed that there was no choice but to flee. The builders were horrified at the idea of leaving their perfect world behind, but likewise could not forsee a victory. Together, the momentous decision was finally reached: the fraal would attempt to evacuate their homeworld in hundreds of colony ships.

However, since the builders refused to imagine a permanent departure from the world that they left behind, they developed a plan that would allow them to return someday: They poisoned the environment, devastating the ecology and making the planet uninhabitable to all but the most basic and durable forms of life. The hope was that the planet would repair itself in time, long after the externals had moved on, and that the fraal could someday return to a rejuvenated world.

Taking the extra time necessary to engineer a toxic environment for their homeworld proved disasterous. The menace that they foresaw arrived while they were in the final stages of their reverse-terraforming endeavor. The alien ships attacked the orbital fraal fleet of city-ships with abandon, but did nothing to prevent the toxification of the environment.

It was a slaughter. The fraal on each surviving ship could feel the painful deaths of thousands--even millions--of their kin. Since the fraal were limited to sub-light speeds, their only defence against a concentrated alien fleet was to disperse into every direction of space. Groups of three to nine city ships spread out across space, running from the aliens. Many of them didn't make it.

Before psionic contact was lost, a rendezvous plan was set, for the far-distant future. Any survivors who could do so would, in time, return to the homeworld. The environment had successfully been engineered to restore itself over a period of thousands of years. After this time, the descendants of the survivors would return to a world that their ancestors had destroyed to secure their future as a species.

The Externals didn't prevent the toxification for a reason: they wanted it just the way the fraal were planning to leave it: hot and caustic. Their kind, and their minions, were engineered to survive such an environment. In fact, they couldn't live in a cooler world. The terraforming notion was suggested to the fraal by agents of the Externals. They settled onto the planet quite content with their perfect conquest.

Over time, however, the fraal betrayal was revealed: The planet was beginning to restore itself. Despite their best attempts, all the Externals could do with their limited understanding of terraforming was to slow down the progression of the environmental changes. A few thousand years was stretched to well over 10,000 years, but the transformation was still inevitable.

Meanwhile, the fraal spread out through the galaxy, shocked and traumatized by the events that stole their home from them. Generations passed, and the time came to begin their return. However, generations of fraal lifespans had passed. The memory of those fateful events had dulled, and the fraal had begun to adapt to their new culture. One of the larger groups of surviving colony ships crawled through space nine strong in the beginning, but reduced to only seven due to mechanical failures, these fraal were torn. Many of them believed in the legends of their past, and wanted to see if they were true. Others believed in their history, but felt that the Externals would simply return once the fraal, significantly diminished in numbers, resettled their planet. Still others believed that the time had come to put the past behind them, believing that a new world would be found to settle, far from the distant alien menace.

This group divided. Three colony ships turned around and made their way back towards the homeworld, while the other four continued on towards their unknown destination.

Several generations passed without a discovery. A growing faction of fraal aboard the four remaining colony ships remembered the legends with curiosity. Memory of the fraal origins was fading, and most no longer believed or appreciated the stories of their history. In time, enough support was gained that one of the colony ships was appropriated by this new splinter group. It turned around and began the long solitary journey home.

Fearing that in time all of the colonists would listen to the legends and slowly splinter away into separate groups, the leaders of the remaining three ships made another fateful decision: They would delete all records of the fraal homeworld and actively suppress knowledge of their past. Only in this way could the fraal guarantee their future unity.

In time they arrived at the Sol system, and discovered a world that could could accomodate their colony. However, it was already home to a sentient species. Even though their origins had all but faded from public memory, the leaders still knew the truth. The peaceful fraal could not bring themselves to conquer this new world the way their own world was taken from them. After several unsuccessful attempts at contact, they resolved to wait until these sentients--humans--were better prepared to accept the fraal and make a place for the newcomers on their planet.

Over time, the returning fraal did make their way back to the homeworld, as did several other surviving colony ships. They were suprised and dismayed indeed to find their world still polluted, and still overrun by the Externals. Before they could flee again, however, the fraal were caught. As a final attempt to save themselves, they negotiated a peace that would enslave their kind to the aliens. The Externals could have used the fraal's bodies to create more minions, but the natural gift of the fraal--their psionics--would then be wasted. Instead, they accepted the enslavement of the fraal species. Seeing them as no more than cowardly but useful slaves, the minions of the External menace would treat any new fraal encountered as insignificant, but something to avoid damaging.

After thousands of years, the fraal homeworld became too cool for the externals to occupy, and the fraal had long since lost the knowledge and ability necessary to terraform it again. They moved on, as was their way, in search of new worlds to conquer. The External menace spread across the galaxy once again. Finally, at the end of the 25th century, they discovered The Verge.

(Theory by Chris West)

The Vanishing (Gardhyi intervention)

The original colonists of Bluefall were quite happy with their prime piece of real estate, so why did they suddenly vanish, leaving it all behind? Quite simply, they had no choice:

The Gardhyi, able to sense events before they transpire and take action to change the future, saw a disaster impending...the colonists on Bluefall were about to discover the Deepfallen. Believing that the colonists were not ready for such a discovery, the single greatest case of Gardhyi intervention was planned and executed flawlessly. 10 million Gardhyi, a staggering number for a creature rarely seen in groups of more than three, appeared simultaneously and immediately abducted one inhabitant each, vanishing as quickly as they appeared.

Whether the colonists were taken to another dimension or a hidden prison world, or were brought forward in time to reappear one day as mysteriously as they vanished, remains a mystery. Perhaps they were simply murdered.

The implications of the theory--the notion that there might exist so many of the mysterious creatures called the gardhyi--is indeed unnerving. If it is true, then no force known to humankind or its allies could possibly stop them.

(Theory by Chris West)

The Vanishing (Genetic Manipulation)

Before the vanishing, no one had seen a Deepfallen, or evidence of one. This in itself is either a remarkable feat on the part of the Deepfallen, or because there were so few, if any of them before the vanishing.

The Deepfallen are obviously a very advanced species, despite being water bound, something we normally do not associate with being advanced. Generally, we consider the development of fire as the beginning of an advanced species. However, the Deepfallen have proven this belief wrong. Before contact with the Deepfallen was first made, there were millions of people on Bluefall, not one of which who had ever seen a Deepfallen. I postulate that the people of Bluefall were not killed, or mysteriously transported or vanished, but transformed. Perhaps it wasn an ancient precursor virus that activated once the land based population of Bluefall reached a certain number, and then never activated again. Perhaps the few Deepfallen that did exist engineered the virus to increase their own population. Perhaps the Gardhyi,or some other external menace, satisfied that Bluefall was out of contact with the stellar core, was a prime target for a new viral agent.

Whatever the cause, the result was the same: Every man, woman and child on Bluefall spontaneously felt an urge to go to the sea. The virus was probably planted in one or two people or first, maybe even a whole family, or groups of families. The virus was designed to slowly override the cognative centres of the brain first, change the DNA of the subject, wipe their memory, and then restore their mental capacity. The virus was probably timed so that upon a certain event, maybe an eclipse, the urge to go to the sea would be irresistable. This would stop anyone from being suspicious as to where all their friends had gone, and it maintained the illusion that they had just vanished. Perhaps the virus remained semi-dormant until a signal, in the form of a radio signal, a sound, a series of lights, or some radiation, activated the final stage of the virus. This would allow for time to be spent waiting for everyone on the planet to be infected.

(Theory by Nephanor of Fraal)

The Vanishing (Thuldan Bioengineering)

The people of Bluefall in the Aegis system did indeed disappear from the surface of their planet on July 22, 2452. However, they did not leave it.

Thuldan scout vessels secretly investigated the precious world soon after the discovery was reported by the Orion League. This was a world ripe to be conquered. Situated at the heart of the Verge, this system would make an ideal center of operations for the inevitable Thuldan conquest of known space. There was only one problem: The Orions had found it first, and their claim was irrefutable.

The Thuldans set about creating a long-term and incredibly diabolical plan for conquest, involving a specized gene-alterning rhetrovirus.

Some might theorize that they intentionally engineered the destruction of the Kendai drivespace communications relay to bring about a loss of contact with the Verge. According to these theorists, their plan was to use the resulting period of silence to carry out the main stage of their recolonization without interference.

The Thuldans immediately began the very slow process of introducing a complex genetic rhetrovirus to the people of Bluefall, which would be triggered by the release of a very specific form of radiation...a radiation which is naturally released by the tiny red dwarf star, Phantasm, at very isolated but regular intervals.

Over the years, they successfully spread this genetic alteration throughout the Aegis system. They remained unconcerned about any individuals who might carry this genetic trait off-world...after all, Phantasm was the only known source of this radiation, and it only releases it every few hundred years, for a brief duration each time.

The Thuldan plan executed itself flawlessly it's a shame that they weren't there to reap the rewards.

On July 22, 2452, Phantasm flared out a powerful but almost undetectable form of radiation. It swept through the Aegis system, permeating even the densest starship hulls and triggered a genetic reaction in every single non-Thuldan being it touched.

An irresistable compusion was felt by every creature...a compelling instinct to go to the oceans. Even as they moved, the transformation began. Within a matter of a few hours, all of the inhabitants of Bluefall became the creatures known as deepfallen. Hundreds of orbital vessels plummeted recklessly into the oceans, guided by a complusion that the pilots themselves could not understand. Their airlocks open to let the vitalizing seawater in, these vessels sunk to the ocean's depths that the crews suddenly found natural and desirable.

Anticipating that some beings would not be able to get to the oceans, the Thuldan scientists included a contingency plan: any species that failed to immerse itself in salt water within a matter of hours suffered an agonizing end, as the genetic mutation rendered the body of each individual dependant upon sea water for survival. Some Thuldan sleeper agents, innoculated against the genetic disease, survived the event and immediately set about the task of cleaning up the evidence. They barely succeeded in finishing the task and hiding their own presence before the first wave of incoming vessels discovered that the people of Bluefall were gone.

The Thuldan agents knew that a colony ship would arrive in the system once the lingering activity and confusion died down, so they remained in hiding and bided their time.

The colony ship never arrived.

Unbeknownst to the agents on Bluefall, things were not going well for their Empire. Events had turned the tide against the Thuldans, and plans of conquest had turned to plans of survival. In the struggle to maintain the war on so many fronts, their master plan for the Aegis system was all but forgotten.

By the time the second Galactic War had ended and the Thuldans had recovered their wits and resources, it was too late. Christopher Hale had beat them to it, and there were close to 5 million Orion people inhabiting the surface of Bluefall once again, none of them infected with the genetic rhetrovirus.

The Deepfallen, their minds distorted by the transformation as much as their bodies, somehow managed to not only survive, but thrive! They took shelter in the sunken starships and natural sea caverns deep below the oceans, and quickly adapted to their new surroundings. They banded together for mutual protection, and relocated their sunken vessels to the deepest trenches, even sinking other abandoned sea vessels as well, to serve as the foundation of their cities.

The Deepfallen remember their origins, distantly, though they still do not understand what brought them into the sea. The release of innate psionic talent was a side-effect that even the Thuldans had not anticipated, but the Deepfallen have quickly adapted to this change as they did to all the others.

The Thuldans did not actually intend for the Deepfallen to survive, and much less did they expect the Deepfallen to overcome the limitations forced upon them, namely the demands of deep-ocean pressure and saline waters for survival. The Deepfallen are slowly becoming more able to withstand variables in environment, and some can even survive brief ventures on the surface, leading some to wonder if the genetic mutation might be gradually unravelling, restoring the Deepfallen to their previous forms.

When the Deepfallen made contact with the Regency government, Thuldans in the know felt incredible panic that their attempted genocidal takeover would be revealed, but there is little they can do without revealing their own treachery, and so far no accusations have bene made public. Now they must content themselves with public protests over the secrecy of the Deepfallen contact.

In the years since their metamorphosis, the Deepfallen have been incredibly productive, creating new forms of technology and construction techniques to accomodate their needs. Whether they will ever attempt to return to the surface world remains a mystery.

(Theory by Chris West)

Some of you have wondered what theories are there left to submit. Besides different angles on the existing theories, ere is a list of possible questions.

As you can see, there are many questions left unanswered in the Star*Drive game world. This makes it one of the most unique, and interesting game worlds around. Even if the Alternity folks were to give us the answers to all of our questions, we would still have hundreds of other questions that were left unanswered. This sense of mystery and intruigue makes this universe one of the most exciting I have ever seen. I can't wait for Dark Matter, which from all the hype, will probably be even more mysterious.

Up until recently, I had thought of using this page for only theories regarding current conspiracies. However, it was brought to my attention that some people had conspiracies that they would like to share. Sort of campaign ideas that people can build an adventire around. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and have made this section of the page to accomidate them. As soon as we get a few more, I will move them to a separate page.

The Web, by Lord Dobar of the Borad

In the year 2488 the second wave of colonists heading towards the Mzauht system launched their scout probes, which would undertake a more detailed study of the system. The Mzauht system is a binary system, with a solar-like primary. In orbit around the sixth planet (approximately Saturn-sized) a probe uncovered an odd "object" that seemed to be composed entirely out of some kind of advanced carbonate webbing. The object was recorded as being approximately 18 kilometres in diameter.

A scientific mission was sent to the object with the intent to study it. All contact with the mission was lost twelve days into it.

A second mission was sent, this time equipped with some weaponry and search-and-recover equipment. The second mission found no traces of the previous mission, but a strange signal was recorded from the object's core. A mining team was sent down. The mining team disappeared after four days, when it had approached the core of the object to within 2 kilometres.

The colony set up a cordon and within a few months Concord vessels also arrived, to help maintain the cordon. In 2490 the deep exploration ship Saint Neeves arrived to carry out research on the object. Three months into the mission the Saint Neeves had managed to peel off all the layers of the object (they were later sent to laboratories to be replicated, due to their advanced nanotech). At the core was a small carbonate sphere, some three metres in diameter. The Saint Neeves brought the sphere on board... and about three hours later vanished.

Some seven years later a huge, amorphous mass of a ship was reported sighted in voidspace. The ship appeared to be composed entirely of advanced carbonate webbing. It's signal was later found to match the signal of the lost Saint Neeves. The ship was sighted again the next year - this time larger. It has not been sighted since.

In actuality the ship has been turned into a cybernetic organism with the crew subdued to the mind of the captain who was taken over by the sphere. The entire ship is now a self-replicating organism bent on goals unknown. The sphere itself and the object are rumored to be an advanced Starmech project that was abandoned at the end of the war - or possibly during the war itself. Scientists are worriedly awaiting the next reappearance of the Saint Neeves.